Rental Screening Criteria

General Requirements:

  1. Applicants must be over 18 years of age. Applicants shall provide a copy of a picture I.D at the time of the application.
  2. Any information that is incomplete and illegible will result in the application being returned to the applicant for completion. Applications will not be considered for approval review until it has been fully completed.
  3. False, misleading, or misrepresented information in the application will result in the rejection of the application. Failure to meet the screening criteria as stated will be grounds for denial of the application.
  4. Each applicant will be required to qualify individually.
  5. The denial of one applicant will result in the denial of the entire rental approval. A new application would need to be submitted if other applicants would like to be reconsidered for approval.
  6. Application review process takes up to 3 days. Application Fee must be collected to begin application process.  Applicant will be contacted once the application process is complete.

Employment Requirements:

  1. All sources of employment and non-employment income shall be legally obtained and verified.  Applicant must provide last two payroll stubs from employer.
  2. Applicant is to provide the contact information to employer human resources department to verify employment.
  3. If applicant is self-employed, applicant is to provide company’s occupational license and company state registration with department of corporations.
  4. If employment information cannot be verified, the application will be denied.

Rental Requirements:

  1. Two years of verifiable rental or mortgage history from a current third party is required. Home ownership is verified through the county tax assessor.
  2. Eviction-free rental history is required.
  3. Rental history reflecting past due rent or an outstanding balance will be denied.
  4. If a landlord gives a negative reference or refuses to give a reference, the application will be denied.
  5. Rental history demonstrating noise or other documented complaints will result in a denial when the landlord would not re-rent.
  6. If rental information cannot be verified, the application will be denied.
  7. If you have never had a landlord, or ever been a renter, options will be explored on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Upon receipt of the rental applications, Banner International will conduct a search of national public records to determine whether the applicant or any proposed  tenant has been convicted of, or pled guilty to or no-contest to any crime.
  2. Any applicant currently using illegal drugs or reporting a conviction for the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance will be denied.
  3. Any individual who may constitute a direct threat to the health and safety of an individual, the community, neighborhood or the property of others will be denied.


  1. Limitation – occupation is limited to two (2) people per bedroom per dwelling unit. Parking is limited to four (4) vehicles unless authorized. Copies of vehicle documents such as registration and insurance must be presented upon request. Vehicles in which, by its appearance, are unclean, unsightly, or that will be obnoxious or unsightly to the eye including but not limited to vehicles with broken headlights, excessive tools or materials on pickup trucks, cracked windows/windshields, and rust or peeling paint, and vehicles with mismatched body colors are not permitted.
  2. Details of any pets, including size, age and breed must be submitted on the rental application. Approval of pets and deposits or fees required will be at the owners discretion.

Rental Application