Property Management

The success of an investment property is often determined by the quality of the management. Our management procedures ensure your investments success.

Preparing the property for rent:

  • We have a full range of approved licensed and insured contractors for all types of work from major remodeling to a simple cleaning task.

Listing the property for rent:

  • All of our rental properties receive maximum listing exposure on 26 of the major rental websites and search engines; MLS,, Trulia, Zillow,, HotPads,, etc.

Interviewing and screening application:

  • Full background checks are taken or all applicants these includes criminal, eviction and credit reports, employer and preview landlord checks.

Rental Screening Criteria

Security deposits:

  • Tenants are required to pay agreed security deposit, pet deposit and advance rent. These payments are held in a separate security deposit escrow account held at Wells Fargo Bank.


  • An extensive digital photograph or video inventory is mad of all properties at move in. This is then used as a reference when assessing any claims upon security deposits at the end of the lease

Lease and Property Management:

  • Florida Realtors documentation is utilized for all agreements including: lease listing agreement, property management agreement, or residential lease.

Rent collections:

Rent is due on the first day of each month and becomes late on the fifth of the month. Tenants have multiple options for the payment of rent including direct deposit and electronic bank transfer and online via the tenant portal through

Owner Income Disbursement:

Rental Income is paid to owners on 15th day of the month in which it is received with accompanying email statement.

Bill Pay:

Bill paying can be made from rental income for routine expenses such as HOA dues, insurance, mortgages and property taxes (addition charges my apply)

Annual Income/expenses analysis:

End of year statements are emailed to owners providing a detailed breakdown of all income and expenses for personal analysis and tax purposes.

When things go wrong:

With over 170 properties under management it is unfortunately inevitable that occasionally there may be a problem with a tenancy. If all other efforts fail, as property managers Banner International staff can be authorized to file eviction on behalf of owners. We are proud of our record that in the past ten years we have only needed to complete the full eviction process on one occasion.

Additional info:

We pride ourselves on our availability to our tenants and owners. If you have any questions not answered above we encourage you to give us a call at:


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