Oak Creek

The areas of Riverview and Brandon have proven to be very successful for our clients looking for residential rental investments. Providing affordable living for professionals working in the Tampa area. The newly built townhomes by Taylor Morrison at Oak Creek are no exception to this.

The rents of the Townhomes are ranging from $1250 – $1300 per month depending on floor plan and model. With property prices rising in this area it provides excellent opportunity for Capital growth. In addition we have negotiated an $11,000 discount and incentives for our clients.

On top of the Sale Price there are some additional closing costs, Stamp Tax, Title Insurance, Closing agent fees, Home Owner Membership these total around $3,000. These homes also have a Community Development District Fee, (CDD) which is to pay for the supply of utilities and impact on the area roads etc. This is $3,200 payable over 9 years.

Due to the popularity of these townhouses expect the pricing to increase as the community continues to develop and homes continue to be built.


Contact us for more info or email direct to nick@banner-international.com