Useful information regarding investing in Florida Real estate

At Banner International, we know what investors need. We have helped our clients purchase many of the 150+ investment properties that we manage.

Many real estate agents will off to sell you investment property; at Banner International Real Estate will help you with full investment advice, management and support.

  • Find a rental investment property
  • Assess the rental income
  • Calculate the expenses and net yield
  • Find a suitable tenant
  • Manage the investment property, including rent collection, maintenance and tenant relations including lease renewals.
  • Exit strategy for profitable sale of asset

We recognize that every investor is an individual and their investment requirements are unique. One of the keys being the management of the ratio between the investment risk, yield and capital growth. Experienced investors with multiple properties often create a mixed portfolio.


Any investment involves a degree of risk, whether this is just to the return or on the capital invested. It is important that the investor is aware of their long and short term goals.


Many new investors are drawn solely to the highest yield. This is understandable, however, full account must be taken for all expenses and reasonable allowances made for items such as, maintenance, vacancy periods and tenancy turn over rates.

Capital Growth

Some of our most successful clients have chosen investments with lower yields but n residential communities. these offered the potential for substantial medium and long-term capital growth. Only when yield and long term growth are combined can the true worth of an investment be judged.